AIDANova Timemachine Restaurant

For AIDA Cruises, Leisure Expert Group created a steampunk timemachine restaurant. As part of the design process, a VR version of the restaurant was created. This allowed everyone in the team to walk around the restaurant before it was physically build. For this project I did programming on the in-house VR tools, modelling of the restaurant, and worked on effects like the lighttubes.

One of the effects I worked on are the monitors. Behind every window, a monitor is used to display the appropriate setting. During development in VR, two shows were created, an underwater view and a flying view above the clouds. The elevator also uses 4 monitors to fake the descension/ascension as you enter and exit, and there's even one used for a moving painting. All monitors could show the appropriate show in VR, helping the team find any issues before the cruiseship renovations. This was also used to program controllers for automated parts of the real restaurant, like the light controls and elevator effects.


3D Artist
Technical Artist


3DS Max
Unity 3D