Jurassic Explorer

Inspired by the Jurassic World movies, Jurassic Explorer started as a fan effort to explore the park from the new movies. As time went on, the team grew, and the project became bigger in scope, ending with two "seasons" worth of content across minigames and locations from all the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park movies. With over 80.000 players, millions of views on YouTube, and a documentary about the games creation, I'm very glad to have been part of development.

At first, I worked on gameplay features, like a camera feature that saved screenshots as postcards in the players documents folder. For season two, I worked on drivable gyrospheres (including gyrosphere races), and a Mr DNA themed 2D platformer minigame.

During development for season 2, I also started working more on the tech art side, mainly shader development in HLSL. The first shader I did was a hologram shader for the Visitor Center holographic dinosaurs. One of the biggest features I developed was a shop system that rewards exploration with unlockables such as night time, rain storm weather effects, and other time & weather options. During season two development I also worked on water effects, fish flocking, the drones post processing shaders, and an unreleased VR port.


Technical Artist


Unity 3D