Water Run is an endless runner for Android. It is based on the myth of the 'Water Serpent' from the aboriginals. The Water Serpent was a large serpent that would bring water to the villages. In the game, you play as the serpent, and you have to collect water to stay alive. Watch out for the stones and trees though, they are blocking your path, and watch out for the aboriginals chasing after you! If you have enough water, you'll go into a supermode for a moment, where you can fly over everything. Try to get as much water as you can, and see how well others have done, in the online leaderboard system.

Water Run



River van der Meulen
Nathan Nieuwenhuizen
Daniel Brand
Sebastiaan Buwalda

Jacky Schoen
Yessie Weber
Yanniek Klijn
Nathalie Verduin
Jaime van Dijk
Tiemen Savonije

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